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Custom DragonFire UTVs Now In Goodyear and Tucson Dealerships

TEMPE, Ariz. (Jan. 3, 2013) — Be sure to check out the new Store-in-Store program at participating RideNow dealerships. DragonFire and RideNow are continuing to expand the successful program into more stores. After introducing a pilot program in two Arizona dealerships – RideNow Chandler and RideNow Peoria and adding the RideNow Surprise and the two RideNow Tucson area stores in November, some of the coolest custom UTVs ever created are now rolling into dealerships on a daily basis. The RideNow Goodyear and Tucson Stores are just the latest to get the custom Store-in-Store displays set up.

"These displays not only show off the accessories in a real life sense, where people can literally see and touch the parts installed on the vehicle, but these fully tricked out cars have been selling almost as quickly as we can make them," says DragonFire's marketing and media manager Chris Moore. "In addition to the custom displays, we have built some of the trickest Polaris RZRs ever to grace a showroom floor as the focal point for each store!"

RideNow Goodyear is getting the "Orange Madness" RZR XP 900 highlighting DragonFire's full range of RacePace competition themed accessories while RideNow Tucson has the RockSolid 4-seat RZR XP 900 Adventure car and super-stealth black/evasive green RacePace RZR XP 900. "All three of these Superstar RZRs have been tricked out to the moon! They feature tons of hot new products from DragonFire such as the new Gen2 BackBones that now work with Polaris' Lock-N-Ride boxes," adds Moore. "These cars are also sporting our new Navigator grab bars for front seat passengers and Jr. Navigators in the RZR 4 for the rear seat passengers–a must if you have children riding with you... the list goes on, but words don't really do justice to these rigs!"

RideNow chief operating officer Bill Nash says, "I agreed to test the concept in two stores to determine if the concept would be successful. As it turns out, the pilot program was overwhelmingly successful and we are now in the process of expanding it several more of our RideNow family of dealerships. DragonFire's Store-in-Store program is here to stay!"

If you are in the Chandler, Peoria, Surprise, Goodyear or Tucson Arizona area, we encourage you to go and check these cars out before they disappear! And be sure to check out the fantastic RideNow parts and service departments if you see anything you would like to add to personalize and improve the performance of your own Polaris RZR.

How RideNow Powersports Celebrates Nascar

TEMPE, Arizona, (November 20, 2012) — RideNow Powersports showed off its NASCAR spirit by customizing a 2012 Polaris Ranger XP 900 and turning it into the one and only NAStruck. The NAStruck is an off-road monster at heart but an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind show truck on the outside. The vehicle was debuted to the public at Phoenix International Raceway during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series November 9th, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.

"We wanted to have some fun with NASCAR because this is such a huge event in Phoenix, we decided to invest a little more into this project," Matt Petrovich, Marketing Director for RideNow Powersports said.

Additions/upgrades to the vehicle are as follows:

  • Upgraded stereo system with iPod hookup
  • Air suspension (us)
  • Street wheels and tires (us)
  • Dragon Fire doors
  • Quick-release steering wheel
  • Rear roll bars

"These projects are always a collaborative effort. Unique Car Audio provided the tunes, Polaris supplied the rig, DFR supplied the steering wheel and of course, a big round of applause to Bill Nash, Chief Operating Officer of RideNow Powersports for coming up with the idea," Petrovich said.

Justin Smith of Cash Custom Creations in Wittmann, Arizona was given the task of turning this stock vehicle into a head-turning wonder.

"All of aluminum body started as flat sheet of aluminum and was hand formed to the shape you see," Smith said. "The only additions that were already on the vehicle were the wheels and air suspension. Everything [body-related] was made by hand."

This project was formulated only ten days before NASCAR came to Phoenix. Such a task typically takes a few weeks, according to Smith. The NAStruck took 118 man hours in 9 days to complete.

"When I took it on I thought it would be fun. In the middle of it, it got really hard! That's a lot of work in such a short amount of time. When it was done and finalized it flipped right back to fun," Smith said.

Smith said the RideNow Powersports NAStruck is almost an exact replica of a real NAStruck. There are slight differences between the vehicles to accommodate the different uses of the RideNow NAStruck compared with an official NAStruck.

"The specs of [the RideNow vehicle] are as close to a real NAStruck as possible. The front splitter on a real NAStruck is made to wear out but the front splitter on our vehicle is made not to. It's structural. Air-inlets on the front of the vehicle are exactly like a real NAStruck in both the way they work and are positioned on the vehicle. In the rear, the wing on the back of the truck is 1/8" aluminum. The rest of the body is .063 of an inch, which makes it light-weight. The aluminum of the body is the exact width of a real NAStruck. The exhaust on the passenger side is modeled after the way the exhaust is on an actual NAStruck in that the exhaust is routed out the same side in the same fashion."

The vehicle is so unique it surprised Smith and his team how cool it turned out. "This was one of those projects where we talked about what you wanted and when it was done it far surpassed everything we expected it would be."

RideNow Powersports will use the vehicle as a draw to the booth at various events. Currently, the vehicle is not for sale but moves from store to store on display for the public to see.

"We like doing stuff like this as much as possible. It helps show people how much fun you can really have with our products, performance-wise and appearance-wise," Matt Petrovich, Marketing Director for RideNow Powersports said. "No two vehicles have to look the same or perform the same!"

RideNow Powersports Partners with the ASA in Extreme Side-by-Side Build

TEMPE, Arizona, (May 16, 2012) — RideNow Powersports in partnership with the American Sand Association is proud to unveil its decked out four—seater Polaris RZR XP 4 900 called the "RideNow Powersports Special Edition." The vehicle was revealed at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, CA on September 16, 2012. Raffle tickets to win the utility-terrain-vehicle (UTV) are on sale now through September 2013 when the winner will be pulled at the SSSS.

"Raffle proceeds are used to maintain motorized access to public land," ASA President Bob Mason said. "Raffle vehicles are donated by the manufacturer and the aftermarket suppliers in support of the ASA's mission. The 2012 raffle, for the first time, will include a UTV."

RideNow Powersports  Extreme Side by Side Polaris RZR XP 4 900

The RideNow Powersports Special Edition includes multiple contributions from the following suppliers:

  • Polaris Industries— RZR XP 4 900 and the RZR parking break.
  • DragonFire Racing— Vance and Hines exhaust, doors, Fire Breather intake, seat belts, lower compression pistons, and a quick—detach steering wheel.
  • Dunertunes — Stereo, tires, wheels, sand wheels and paint.
  • Sand Limo Racing — Sand car wing.
  • Precision Billet — Cage and bumpers.
  • ProCharger — Super charger
  • Rigid Industries— 10—inch and 30—inch light bars.
  • Supreme Tool & Machine Inc. — Clutches.
  • Triple X Industries — Seats.
  • DynoJet Research Inc. — Fuel management.
  • Carillo Pistons — Pistons

The ASA is a non-profit organization started in 2000 driven by approximately 35,000 volunteers and 225 business sponsors. The organization works to educate OHV enthusiasts on safety, responsible practice and land use.

Photos and videos of the unit are available on the RideNow Powersports Facebook page and YouTube channel once revealed at the SSSS.

The Sand Sports Super Show, where the RZR was revealed this year and will be raffled off in 2013, is the world's largest dune and sand sports expedition bringing thousands of attendees to hundreds of industry vendors and exhibitors. The 2012 SSSS is September 14, 15 and 16 at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, California. Tickets are not available yet. More information can be found at www.sandssportssupershow.com.

Raffle entries to win the RZR cost $20 for one ticket or $100 for six tickets. Tickets can be purchased at any RideNow Powersports location, at event where the ASA is present, online at www.americansandassociation.org. California law prohibits the sale of raffle tickets online.

RideNow Powersports and Arrowhead Harley-Davidson to host Packages From Home Ride

TEMPE, Arizona, (August 27, 2012) — RideNow Powersports Peoria and Arrowhead Harley-Davidson will host a charity ride on November 11, 2012 benefitting Packages From Home, a non-profit organization that organizes and sends care packages to U.S. service men and women overseas.

Arrowhead Harley-Davidson Logo

One ride will begin at RideNow Powersports Peoria and the other will begin at Arrowhead Harley-Davidson. Both rides will leave the dealerships at 10 a.m. and arrive at Phoenix International Raceway. Special motorcycle parking will be provided at the destination. RideNow Powersports Peoria and Arrowhead Harley-Davidson® will open at 9 a.m. for registration and a continental breakfast for all riders. To pre-register for the ride, go online to www.packagesfromhome.org. Registration is $55 per rider and includes breakfast, the ride and one ticket into the NASCAR race at PIR.

RideNow Powersports is proud to support Packages From Home and is honored to host the ride. "We fly a large American Flag with pride every day, signifying our deep level of appreciation for the United States of America and the men and women who serve our country every day," Bill Jeffery, General Manager of RideNow Powersports Peoria, said.

Proceeds from the ride and all other donations go toward postage for sending packages overseas; however, Lenny Aupperlee, board member & volunteer for Packages From Home, said "the most important thing is awareness that we are still a country at war and we cannot forget our soldiers."

In 2011, PFH sent 10,000 packages and almost 45,000 pounds of bulk items, according to Aupperlee. "Each package is stocked with approximately $60 in goods and we reach hundreds of soldiers. It is estimated that each package benefits approximately five soldiers (because they are good at sharing), and the media boxes reach at least 50, so this puts us at reaching over 150,000 soldiers each year!"

Packages From Home also sends notes and pictures from children and adults thanking the soldiers for their service so as to create a real "package from home" feel. PFH receives multiple letters from soldiers thanking the organization and all who have donated for their package.

"We get so many notes back from the soldiers who indicate we are the only people that send items to them and they are truly grateful," Aupperlee said.

PFH is registered as a "known sender," so shipping the packages is not delayed. The organization addresses each package with a soldier's name so the soldier feels personally recognized and appreciated.

"If the soldier has moved by the time our package gets there, it is given to the chaplain or commander so that none of the packages are wasted but are used by the soldiers still bravely working tirelessly for our country," Aupperlee said.

"We are honored to be able to host this ride," Eric Bushamie, General Manager of Arrowhead Harley-Davidson said. "Charity rides are great because we get to donate to a great cause while doing what we love. We hope everyone will come out."

Victory Riders Gregor Moe & Happy Dan Larson Complete 48-Plus! Iron Butt Ride, Riding in the Lower 48 & Alaska in Under 10 Days

TEMPE, Arizona, July 2, 2012 — Congratulations to Victory Riders Gregor Moe and Happy Dan Larson, both of Minnesota, who completed a 48-Plus! Iron Butt ride on July 2, 2012, by riding to all of the Lower 48 states and making the run through Canada to Hyder, Alaska — in less than 10 days.

Gregor rode a 10th Anniversary Victory Vision (No. 69 of 100) and Dan rode a 2011 Victory Cross Country.

According to current listings on the Iron Butt Association (IBA) website, the two were the 90th and 91st riders ever to complete a certified 48-Plus! ride. The only other Victory Rider ever to complete this arduous route was legendary Victory Iron Butt rider Steve "Rollin'" Rolland, of Wisconsin, who achieved the feat in 2010 on a Kingpin.

Gregor and Dan followed the route Steve had taken, so they began in South Dakota, crossed the border into North Dakota, then headed east. They rode to Maine, then down the eastern seaboard to Florida before heading west. They visited every state along the way long enough to document they were there, usually with a gas pump receipt that showed the date, time and location.

Iron Butt Ride, Riding in the Lower 48 & Alaska in Under 10 Days

The ride through the Lower 48 and up to Alaska was largely incident-free, which is what they hoped for. Even though their schedule had them ride through the major East Coast metropolitan areas on a weekend, traffic was still extremely heavy, as Gregor noted when he called in a progress report from Las Vegas. The riders stopped at RideNow Powersports Rancho, a Las Vegas Victory dealership, for oil changes.

"The run down I-95 from north of Boston to New Jersey, it's busy," Gregor laughed in understatement during his call. "Even Sunday night on I-95, it's busy. There's 10 million people there and they were all on the road. It caused some concerns, all the traffic and everybody fighting for position. The George Washington Bridge was a parking lot, and it took us an hour to cross."

In the Southeast, they rode through Georgia and arrived in the Florida panhandle late on the evening of their third day on the road. Unfortunately, they arrived in a Florida town where no gas was available after hours, which meant no receipts.

"We got to Century, Florida, just before midnight and you would put your credit card in the gas pump but you couldn't get gas," Gregor said. "We finally found a Whataburger at midnight and got a receipt. Had they not been open, I don't know what we would have done."

They encountered brutal heat for much of the trip, and it was so hot riding in Kansas, they changed their schedule to ride in the cooler temperatures at night.

"In Kansas, it was 116°, and that's just too much," Gregor said during his call from Las Vegas. "That's why we stopped in Salina, Kansas, at 5 p.m. and got rooms, then got up and rode at night. We're looking forward to heading north from here [Las Vegas] because it should get cooler, but we know it's be back into the furnace today heading into Utah."

They left Salina, Kansas, at 11 p.m. and it was still 95°.

During his call from Las Vegas, Gregor said his Victory Vision had performed beautifully all the way.

"The Victory Vision is spot on. It's been great," he said. "The oil temperature gauge doesn't move and we're going 85 mph on the interstate in 110-degree temps. It's just rock solid. Those Victory engine guys, they've got it dialed in great. Everything's good."

Both bikes continued to deliver reliable performance. Gregor and Dan made it to Alaska, and they arrived back home in Minnesota on Saturday, July 7.

To visit 49 states — even for brief stops — in less than 10 days requires riders to eat on the run. Gregor and Dan had a lot of meals of roller dogs at gas stations and truck stops.

"I'm looking forward to Alaska so I can have a meal with food on a plate that I can stab with a fork," Gregor laughed during his call.

When he and Happy Dan reached Hyder, they got properly "Hyderized" to celebrate completing their Iron Butt ride, and Gregor eventually enjoyed a big order of salmon that he ate with a fork.

RideNow Powersports Enters "Summer of Giveaways"

TEMPE, Arizona, June 11, 2012 — RideNow Powersports will be giving away a unit (ATV, dirt bike, side-by-side, etc.) on June 19th, July 19th and September 1st. Participating locations are in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida and Washington. Anyone can enter to win at any of the 14 RideNow Powersports locations or online at http://ridenow.com. Exact web address is http://www.ridenow.com/summer-of-giveaways--polaris-arizona.

"For 2012 we wanted to run a national campaign that would allow us to drive traffic to all of our retail locations; what better way to do that than to give away some of our best products," Matt Petrovich, Marketing Director for RideNow Powersports, said. "For our first giveaway we chose the Polaris RZR XP 900, the hottest side-by-side on the market."

The individual campaign dates and unit prizes are as follows:

RideNow Powersports Summer of Giveaways Press

Father's Day Campaign: Enter to win May 28th through June 17th. Unit: 2012 Polaris RZR XP 900.

Independence Campaign: Enter to win June 25th through July 16th. Unit: 2011 Suzuki GSXR1000.

Hunting Season Campaign: Enter to win August 1st through August 29th. Unit: 2012 Camouflage Outlander Max 800R XT.

RideNow Powersports is the leader in multi-manufacturer dealerships in the Powersports industry. With 24 locations nation-wide, the company continues to grow in size and ability to stand out from the competition. The "Summer of Giveaways" is a perfect example of how RideNow Powersports spreads the joy of outdoor recreation and appreciation for its customers.

6th Annual "Golf For Kids" Golf Tournament

TEMPE, Arizona, June 11, 2012 — RideNow Powersports in partnership with Ride for Kids® will host the 6th Annual "Golf for Kids" Tournament September 23, 2012 at the Stonecreek Golf Club in Phoenix. Registration to participate in the tournament is $100 per player. Proceeds go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation®.

"This is always a fun tournament. It's not your average golf outing," Matt Petrovich, Marketing Director for RideNow Powersports said. "Sure players can pay for Mulligans, which is basically an extra chance to hit if you mess up but we've also got Hooligans, where we send our staff members to harass chosen teams. Each hole has a different theme or prize associated with it so, no hole is the same."

The tournament is preceded by coffee and bagels, and is followed by an awards lunch banquet with raffle drawings and a silent auction.

RideNow Powersports  6th Annual Golf For Kids Golf Tournament

RideNow Powersports is in the beginning stages of the planning process and is seeking sponsors to join in on this great opportunity. The 2011 tournament brought in over $20,000 and the company hopes to exceed that amount this year.

Petrovich said "we always give an extreme amount of credit to our sponsors. Without them this wouldn't be as successful as it is. Last year we raised more money than expected. It's going to be hard to beat this year but I know we can do it."

Individuals are encouraged to register in groups of four but are able to register solo. There are various sponsorship packages available to meet the individual wants and needs of each sponsor. To register to play or get more information on becoming a sponsor, e-mail Andrea Moody at amoody@ridenow.com.

"This is going to be the third year we've held the registration and sponsorship costs. In order to exceed our previous years' contributions to the PBTF, we're trying to get more participants and sponsors instead of raising costs," Petrovich said.

RideNow Powersports is a group of motorsports dealerships selling all the top brands such as Polaris, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and more! They are the largest dealer group in the industry with 24 stores nationwide, including several Harley-Davidson dealerships.

RideNow Powersports hopes to raise the bar of expectations for corporations to serve the community in any way possible. "The proceeds go to a great cause, so it makes the effort worth it," Petrovich said.