10 Essentials for Any Motorcycle Road Trip

June 2nd, 2015 by

There will come a time on a motorcycle road trip where you’ll think, “why didn’t I bring that?”. Between us here at RideNow Powersports , we’ve encountered just about every motorcycle trip mishap you can imagine, that’s why we always pack these essentials:

1. A Good Map
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, is generally a pretty good rule to go by, and electronic devices can fail. A map, however, will never fail you. Aside from using a map in an emergency, it’s a great way to get an overview of the trip ahead and pick out some good roads. Make sure to get a waterproof/tear resistant one though.

2. GPS Unit
Obviously, having a map is great, but the most convenient way to know where you’re going is by using a satellite navigation system. If you have a cell phone mount on your motorcycle you can save some money and use your cell phone instead.

But you probably wouldn’t regret buying a motorcycle specific GPS units, most have big touchscreens that are designed to work with motorcycle gloves. If you have a Bluetooth helmet communicator, you can hook this up to your navigation system to hear the directions.

3. Motorcycle Travel Tool Kit
The smallest mechanical failure can ruin a motorcycle road trip. So, always make sure you have good travel motorcycle tool kit with you. It may not even be for an emergency, on long trips you’ll need a tool kit for general maintenance, like tightening your chain.

4. Ear Plugs
It can’t be stressed enough how essential ear plugs are on a motorcycle road trip. Sustained high-speed travel causes lots of noise inside your helmet, which causes fatigue over time. You can buy disposable or reusable ear plugs but, if you’re buying disposable ones, do yourself a favor and buy in bulk – it works out much cheaper.

5. Flat Repair Kit
If you ride a motorcycle for long enough, you’ll more than likely pick up a puncture at some point. But, if you’re running on tubeless tires and get a puncture, a flat repair kit will get you up and running pretty quickly.

It’s not the final solution, but it should last you long enough to get to a garage and get it fixed properly. If you can’t get your hands on a flat repair kit, pick up a can of Fix-A-Flat.

6. Portable Air Compressor
Of course, after you get a flat you’ll need to reinflate the tire, and that’s where a portable air compressor comes in. A compressor should help you get to a garage, even if you pick up a puncture in the middle of nowhere.

It’s also useful for adventure riders who deflate their tires while off-roading but need to reinflate for the road.

7. Rain Gear
It never seems to rain when you bring your rain gear but when you leave it at home, it pours. Rain gear doesn’t take up too much space and, when you need it, you’ll be thankful you brought it.

This includes waterproof gloves. Having wet hands gets tiresome, fast.

8. Emergency Communicator
An emergency communicator is an essential piece of kit, especially if you’re traveling by yourself . If you crash on a remote road and get injured or trapped under your motorcycle, you can use an emergency communicator to notify friends, family, or rescue services.

This isn’t something that you’ll use every day (hopefully), like a GPS, but it’s just as important.

9. Power Bank
Your cell phone gets a surprising amount of use on road trips, whether you’re using it as a navigator, booking somewhere to stay or just checking out your next destination. A power bank will ensure your cell phone is always ready for use.

10.Spare Key and Owner’s Manual
There are countless ways your key can get lost or destroyed and, if you’re not careful, stolen. Anyone who’s ever broken a key in their filler cap knows the instant panic. Always keep a spare key with you, just in case.

Also, it’s best to have your owner’s manual to hand if you do ever need to perform any roadside maintenance.

If you’ve seen any essentials on this list that you don’t have, contact your local Ride Now Powersports dealership. Even if we don’t have the product, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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