2020 International Off Road and UTV Expo

December 9th, 2020 by Bob Theoblad

RideNow Off-Road Expo Display

2020 has been a crazy year. Concerts, sporting events, and conventions have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Everyone has had to adapt and make changes. While many industries have been negatively impacted, outdoor recreation has increased. Motorcycle and UTV sales have been good. More people are out enjoying hiking and the natural wonders across the nation.


RideNow Off-Road Expo Display

Some events have come back. The 2020 International Off Road and UTV Expo (http://offroadutvexpo.com/) was able to have a live event this weekend.


Social distancing and facemask guidelines were in effect to keep both attendees and vendors safe. This event showcased a number of great companies, cool vehicles, and plenty of off road products.


RideNow Off-Road Expo Display

RideNow had a great display set up showcasing their impressive hard and soft goods inventory.


They had their sea of tires, wall of gas jugs, and gifts for kids and adults. They also brought out a couple of Can-Am and Yamaha UTVs.


2021 Ford Bronco

Ford had a new Bronco display that was drawing a lot of attention.


NORRA, the National Off Road Racing Association (https://www.norra.com/),

had a great display of vehicles that have competed in their events.


8 Gambler 500 3 Wheeler

Likewise, the Gambler 500 (https://www.gambler500.com/) brought out some of the unique cars that have participated in their event.


The Expo was smaller than in past years, but with all that has happened this year, it was great to participate in a live event, see the awesome vehicles, and checkout the great products.


Here are some pictures of the event.

9 Classic Ford Race Truck

7 The Big Willy


5 Fords Original Bronco

6 NORRA Sal Fish Commemorative VW

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