5 Safety Tips to Beat the Heat During Summer Riding Season

July 9th, 2020 by Stephanie Weaver

Every winter seems to be darker, colder, and longer than the last. Finally, the weather warms up and the daylight hours seem to stretch on forever, making riders across the nation itchy for that first proper summer blast.

However, before you grasp the grips and turn the throttle, there are a few items on your machine, and yourself, that need to be covered. While summer riding can be a joyous occasion, it can also be downright hot.

Here are five safety tips for keeping your cool during hot summer rides.

1. Stay Hydrated

This probably sounds obvious, but plenty of riders forget to drink adequate amounts of water during long rides in order to replenish essential vitamins lost when sweating. And trust us when we say you’re going to be sweating bullets under all that gear.


Ensure that you not only drink plenty of water before hitting the highway, but that you have fluids packed on your bike to consume during the ride. Whether it’s cold water stashed in your saddle bags or wearing a hydration pack on your back, fluid is an essential part of summer riding.


Aim to drink about 20 ounces of fluid every hour.


And it goes without saying, but stay clear of alcohol and caffeine before your ride as they both can accelerate dehydration.


2. Stock Up on Wicking Base Layers

As we stated before, you’re going to sweat a lot under that scorching summer sun. This is how your body regulates your temperature.


The hotter you get, the more you’ll sweat (hence why it’s vital to stay hydrated). Wearing synthetic layers under your riding gear that wick away moisture will boost the effectiveness of evaporative cooling.


Snug-fitting base layers also aid in light compression for enhanced circulation and a lot less fatigue.


You know how you used to laugh at cyclists donned up in tight-fitting, colorful attire? Well, that attire is about to become your best friend.

3. Plan Your Route Wisely

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to take a quick pit stop in a cool setting.


Plan your ride along routes that have tiny towns, numerous gas stations, shady parks, or that hug riverbanks that aren’t too far from one another.


This will not only give you a break to cool off and hydrate, but enjoy the route and the ride that you’re on.


So many times i’ll be on a ride and I forget to look around. The beauty of riding is it really is about the journey and not the destination!



4. Wear Hot Weather Moto Gear

Be sure to dress for the heat by wearing hot weather riding gear.


This includes a light colored helmet with wide open vents, textile pants that have vents, an evaporative cooling vest, warm weather riding gloves, moisture wicking socks, and light, vented boots.


Wearing layers is always a win, win. It is added protection and if you get warm you have the option on shedding a few layers.


I’d much rather be over prepared and comfortable than under prepared and miserable.


5. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

A sunburn does far more than irritate your skin. It can speed up your metabolism, which leads to dehydration, and also contributes to fatigue.


Be sure to slather on sunscreen on all of the exposed parts of your body, including the back of your neck and your face. Use a sunblock that’s water resistant and has at least an SPF of 30. Reapply as needed.


From planning routes with plenty of cool pit stops and staying properly hydrated to putting on sunscreen and wicking base layers, these tips are bound to help you stay safe and keep your cool all summer long.

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