Baikal – Siberia’s Extreme Speed Race

March 1st, 2021 by Danell Lynn

It is not uncommon today to have adventure and motorcycles in the same sentences, although ice-speed records, studded tires, adventure and motorcycles definitely catches the eye.

In Siberia there is an almost folkloric festival across the middle of Lake Baikal-notability one of the deepest lakes in the world and when it freezes the Baikal Mile Ice Speed Festival takes shape.

It came about in 2019 on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal in the extreme conditions of Siberia as a festival of speed. Now an annual event like the speed races on the Bonneville Salt Flats except with extreme nature conditions that Siberia can offer.

The creators of these bikes have challenges within a desert of ice, the typical sweaty days of Bonneville Salt Flats are traded for down jackets and temperatures well into the negatives.

“It is a test and challenge not only for pilots, but also for a variety of vehicles participating in the competition. The main idea of ​​the event is to set speed records on various types of equipment on the ice cover of the deepest lake on the planet.”

“On three specially equipped ice tracks with a length of 1/8 mile and one mile, each team gets the opportunity to fix the highest mark on the speedometers of their racing equipment!”

Epic, extreme, incredible all could be ways to describe such an event and you can bet that each team participating in such a race will leave with technical appreciation for the adventure that is the Baikal Mile. Your packing list will look a bit as well, from down, arctic-rated gear and warmers.

Temperatures in Siberia plummet well below zero, but the added warmth from the event comes from the energy and excitement flowing above the frozen lake.

The race is not only motorcycles but has as much variety of machinery as nationality in attendees. One can see minibikes, mono-wheels, sidecars, trikes, quads, go-karts, air boats, trucks, and reports of even a tank or two.

In time to complete all the last-minute checks and once inspected they take off on the quarter-mile track to qualify to participate in the mile run. Then the race is on with a bit of regional flare as well from Buriyatian dancers and musicians, a celebration of not just the race but the culture that surrounds this global mile.

On this global stage participants, judges, musicians, and spectators have come from across the world to be a part of this now annual event. An extreme event due to location with extreme reach around the world!

“A panel of judges from Russia and the United States, participation of world-class athletes and record holders in Bonneville, as well as stunt riding, drift, drag racing, flat track, freestyle moto extreme – all this happens annually on one site! And all this is the “Baikal Mile”!”

So much adventure packed into a mile, from the journey of the machines to the learning from cultural exploration at the event. Definitely an event to take note of.

With the first race taking place in 2019, it is now more of the kick-off to the newest speed race that raced into the scene with great coverage and excitement.

The remote nature and extreme temperatures add an extra layer of adventure to this speed race. Get wowed with the YouTube of the first race:

For more on this extreme event check out (click English in upper right corner and the site will translate for your enjoyment of this unique inspiration):


Written by Danell Lynn, Guinness World Record Rider –, @danell_lynn

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