BRP Reveals Their New 2022 Lineup

August 16th, 2021 by RideNow

2022 BRP Lineup


On August 11th BRP unveiled its new 2022 lineup of off-road, on-road, and watercraft vehicles. The new 2022 vehicles are looking pretty sweet, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the world’s largest Powersports manufacturers. Can-Am continually sets new industry standards every year that have helped in advancing the growth of the Powersports industry. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to break into the world of Powersports or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone to love with the 2022 BRP lineup.  

Can-Am Off-Road 

Starting off on a high, let’s discuss the 2022 Can-Am Off-Road lineup. This year Can-Am announced a new Commander, Defender, Maverick X3, Maverick Sport, and Maverick Trail for their UTV line. 

The big stand-out in this bunch of UTVs is the Maverick X3. The Can-Am X3 lineup has long been a favorite among the side-by-side community and this year will be no different. Some significant changes were made to the Maverick X3 line making it tougher, faster, and more agile than ever. Choose from the new 30 or 32 inch tires that have been designed to increase ease when riding through mud, sand, or rock. There’s an all-new audio roof equipped with a waterproof sound system of 6 multicolor, LED, Bluetooth-compatible speakers so you can rock your ride. Some other new additions included upgraded pistons, a larger turbocharger, an ultra-efficient and durable intercooler, and a high-performance air filter. But the most exciting new feature of the X3 line is the upgrade from a 195HP engine to a 200HP engine. Can-Am is the first UTV manufacturer to launch such a high-powered engine and it’s a pretty big deal. 


2022 Can-Am Maverick X3


On the other side of the spectrum, Can-Am has made some significant improvements to their Utility SXS with the Defender. The Defender is the perfect work vehicle for any terrain and any weather. Select models are available with a sealed cab, comfy seats, and AC. You can use automatic climate control to heat, ventilate, or air condition your cabin and keep your ideal temperature throughout your entire ride. No matter the size of the job there’s a Defender for you. The largest of the Defender models, the 6×6 lineup, has 3000 lbs of towing capability and the longest flatbed of 6 x 4.5 ft. The biggest upgrade among the Defender models is the new Rotax HD7 ACE engine with pDrive primary CVT with engine braking and Electronic Drive Belt Protection that is meant to replace the HD5. This new engine should improve the overall riding experience as well as keep it lasting longer. 


2022 Can-Am Defender


In regards to the ATV lineup, there is a new Outlander 450/570, Outlander, Renegade, and DS

The major upgrade in Can-Am’s ATV lineup is the installation of their Visco-4Lok system. At the push of a button, you can engage and lock 4 wheel drive mode to instantaneously provide power to all 4 wheels and increase traction. This system is now available on all 2022 Outlander and Renegade X mr packages, as well as the Outlander XT-P, and Outlander MAX Limited.


2022 Can-Am Outlander

Can-Am On-Road 

Can-Am On-Road announced updates to their Ryker and Spyder 3-wheelers for the 2022 year. The Ryker lineup brings the new Rally and Sport, the Spyder F3 lineup brings the new F3-S Special Series and F3 Limited Special Series, and lastly, the Spyder RT lineup brings the new RT Sea-to-Sky.

The Ryker is Can-Am’s entry-level three-wheeler. The 2022 updates include “rally wheels and all-road tires, a pre-filter on the air intake, aluminum underbody protection, and adjustable KYB suspension with increased travel and ground clearance,” all to assist in making the Ryker more equipped for all-road usability. Mudflaps and handguards have been installed for increased rider protection, in addition to a new seat, handlebars, and foot pegs for added comfort. 

The Can-Am Spyder which is ideal for more experienced 3 wheelers has been upgraded with new styling including “the Super Sport grille, the Mono seat cowl, and a gauge spoiler. It also has gas-charged KYB front shocks, Sport Mode, unique Manta Green paint, and a special package for the sport enthusiast that comes pre-equipped with several accessories.” 


2022 Can-Am Ryker


The biggest news of the Sea-Doo 2022 lineup is the announcement of the new Sea-Doo Switch Family, which is a lineup of pontoon boats. Sea-Doo, which is primarily known for being a PWC manufacturer, is really turning the industry on its head with this one. 

There are three pontoon boats to choose from, the Switch, Switch Sport, and Switch Cruise. All of which are powered by Rotax jet propulsion systems. The boats are set up with fully configurable tiles on the deck, so you can rearrange the layout for any activity in a matter of seconds. You can reorganize, add, or fully remove the tables and seating, the only thing that stays stationary on this boat is the helm. 

The base Switch model starts at 13ft but the Switch Cruise can come as long as 21ft. In addition, depending on which model you choose you’ll get anywhere between 100HP and 230HP. All models come equipped with Sea-Doo iBR (intelligent brake and reverse), which has become common in Sea-Doo products. The technology assists in docking and this means that the Switch will be the first pontoon boat to have breaks. 


2022 Sea-Doo Switch


Next, let’s talk about the 2022 Sea-Doo FishPro. There are two new models joining the lineup, the FishPro Trophy 170 and the FishPro Scout 130. Recreational fishing is one of the most common outdoor activities participated in around the world and Sea-doo is leading the charge in revolutionizing the watercraft fishing sector, which has only been made more obvious by the newly added models and updates to existing models. The FishPro Scout 130 includes added storage and improved comfort, while the FishPro Trophy 170 includes new fishing accessories and enhanced comfort. Both come equipped with a high-resolution full-color display, BRP Go!, and the iDF system. 


2022 Sea-Doo Fish Pro

Pre-Order Your Can-Am 

All in all, we are very excited about the new releases and upgrades in this 2022 lineup. These vehicles should start hitting our showroom floors in the fall of 2021 at all RideNow Can-Am & Sea-Doo dealers. Don’t miss out, pre-order whatever ride caught your eye today. Inventory will be limited so click, call or visit before it’s too late.


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