Run ’21: Sleepless in Raton

March 17th, 2022 by Michael Thomas

It’s pitch black in downtown Raton, save the psychedelic glow of the traffic lights and the soft golden orbs that line the streets like I’m in a Charles Dickens novel.  The concrete is cold and…

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Against the Current – Infinite Road

March 9th, 2022 by Danell Lynn

“I had the best time of my life during the last four and a half years” “This travel changed all my life and there was not a single day where  I regretted to have made…

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Ranchos to Questa: How to Ride your Motorcycle to your Girlfriend’s House in 7 Scenic Steps

March 8th, 2022 by Michael J Thomas

It’s been nice kicking back with y’all this winter, reminiscing. That said, your boy spent the season in the snow-soaked mountains of northern New Mexico, stepping around the mud and perusing old road photos week…

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Three Corners in Three September Days

February 28th, 2022 by Michael Thomas

Day 1  It’s 7:27 in the morning at the end of September 2019, and I see this:      The wind was cool enough to see, coming off the river’s surface that winds with the…

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Taste of Freedom

February 28th, 2022 by Danell Lynn

  2 Women, 2 Heavy Bikes, 14.000 km, a Life Changing Experience When you read about travel and adventure motorcycling, it is captivating to say the least, and motivating for many. I would like to…

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3-Years Around The World

February 28th, 2022 by Danell Lynn

“Inspiring people is my calling and I will show you that nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude!” 1 motorcycle – 80 countries – more than 210’000 km and a self-built raft –…

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The Three Twisted Sisters of the Texas Hills and their Dark Cedar Magic

February 22nd, 2022 by Michael J Thomas

The old saloon was so haggard I could hear the wind creaking through the space in its antique wooden atoms over the roar of my Chieftain’s engine.  “Whoa, girl.” I pulled Zanithia over and hit…

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Why Turkey is a Motorcycle Rider’s Dream

February 22nd, 2022 by Adam Luehrs

Turkey offers motorcyclists beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities to explore the country by bike. Full of coastal roads, inland highways, mountain passes that twist and turn, and back roads in the most rural locations,…

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Reservoir Rendezvous via Utah 31

February 8th, 2022 by Michael J Thomas

It was 2018, and Yosemite was on fire. This isn’t a story about Yosemite, but I want to let y’all know where my head was when I saw billowing smoke in the distance while scrapping…

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Exploring the UK and Isle of Man

February 8th, 2022 by Danell Lynn

“One rule of a motorcycle trip is when men get on the road unsupervised,  they tend to eat somewhat less than healthy. So, a weekend of burgers,  Mexican food, corned beef hash, and other non-American…

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