ENDUROCROSS Round 1 – Prescott, AZ

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Excitement in Super EnduroCross Season Opener

Cody Webb endurocross prescott az
In front of a sold out arena in Prescott, AZ, Cody Webb (FMF KTM ), and Colton Haaker (Rockstar Husqvarna) battled it out in race one of six of the Super EnduroCross 2018 season.

For those unfamiliar, EnduroCross is a relatively new-ish style of racing, at least when it comes to indoor races. It came to shores of the US in 2004. Mostly agreed, the idea of EnduroCross started in Europe long before it officially became a professional sport.

As the name suggest, it test the riders endurance over extreme terrains. The idea is take adventure rider junkies out of the woods, and place them in a packed out arena. The riders battle it out on some the most spectacular courses ever devised. Riders tackle fallen logs, fire pits, slippery rock walls, small jumps, big jumps, massive tractor tires, and even the daunting “No Joke Lane”.

Endurocross az prescott round 1
To say that riders have to have some grit, is an understatement, as spectators pack arenas to see the crashes. Race one did not disappoint.

Riders battled it out for points and starting positions as they advanced in the brackets. Cody Webb won the first, Haaker won heat two. Ty Tremaine (Alta Electric), Max Gerston (Beta), Dustin McCarthy (Beta), and Cooper Abbott (Beta) rounded out the top six of heat one and advanced. Geoff Aaron (GasGas), Ty Cullins (Beta), Mason Ottersberg (Beta), and Benjamin Herrera (Beta) also advanced.

Next, came the head to head battle races from the top four of the heat races. The battles determines positioning, along with invitation to the main event. Haaker advanced to final head to head, and Webb was knocked out by Kyle Redmond. Haaker taking the head to head win against Redmond in the final.

jack johnson prescott az endurocross
With the optimal starting position, Haaker quickly found himself trailing Webb, as Webb shot out of the gates with a great start. The two exchanged lead swaps, but eventually Webb secured a sizable lead only to lose it after crashing. Haaker held the lead for a few laps before getting stuck in the wake of the lapped riders, eventually finding his desmise on the uphill rock section of the course. Webb took the lead, and held it for the 19 lap race, thus claiming race one.

After the race, “The opening round was awesome. This was the coolest most, fun race yet. Colton and I were going back and forth. The course was so nasty, and this was what EnduroCross is supposed to be. People were crashing everywhere, including Colton and me, and the crowd was so into it. This was a great way to get the season started” Cody Webb said ( Endurocross.com )

Endurocross winners prescott az 2018
Second place finisher, Colton Haaker didn’t quite share the same enthusiasm as his rival. After the race he said, “The track was really slippery tonight with a lot of water getting dragged around the whole course, so we lapped a lot of riders and Cody lost out on some lappers and I got into the lead, then I lost out on some lappers again. And it ended with me in second. It was a brutal one. I am looking forward to Costa Mesa and an outdoor arena and maybe a little more room”.

As for the rest of pack, Trystan Hart (Husqvarna), Kyle Redmond (Husqvarna), and Ty Cullins (Beta) rounded the top 5.

If you want to learn more before race two in  Costa Mesa, CA on September 15 th , go to the link below to learn about the rules and formats of Super EnduroCross racing. Better yet, if you love EnduroCross Racing, there is an open registration.


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