Haven’t Taken Your Dirt Bike Out For A While, Quick Maintenance

January 15th, 2022 by Adam Luehrs

Part of owning a dirt bike is taking care of it physically, so you have access to it longer. Routine maintenance makes it possible for you to enjoy a ride whenever the need arises. You feel confident that you can do so safely because of the steps you took to ensure your bike was in good working order to handle the distance.

Keep Your Dirt Bike in Excellent Condition for as Long as Possible

Your dirt bike is an investment. Keeping it in like-new condition ensures that you’re able to avoid costly repair bills. That’s why you should always make it a point to store and inspect the bike carefully.



Here is a quick maintenance list that will get you back on the road in no time:

  • Remember ICALR.

    I stands for inspect and clean if necessary. C is for clean. A is adjust. L is for lubricate. R is for replace. It’s the standard maintenance schedule for any dirt bike. You’ll want to understand when these things are important to do and why they’re necessary if you want to take your dirt bike back on the road once again.


  • Invest in the right tools to do the job.

    You can’t expect to get the job done right if you don’t have what you need to work on the issue. When you have the tools needed to loosen bolts and change the oil in your bike, you’ll keep it road-ready more often. You’ll go fewer lengths of time not riding because you haven’t had the dirt bike maintained.


  • Check the air pressure on your tires before every ride.

    A blowout at any type of speed can be catastrophic. Make sure that your tires get inflated correctly. You also want to look for signs of wear on your tires. If you can patch them without affecting the quality of your ride, make sure to do it before you hit the road. You’ll also want to carry a patch kit with you because you can’t easily carry a spare tire on a dirt bike.


  • Have a trusted mechanic do all repairs you need to have done before you go out.

    There are things you’re not going to be able to do yourself easily. It’s worth the money spent to have a professional take care of it for you. There’s less liability that way and smoother riding from now on. You have a dirt bike you can count on to get you from one place to the next without issue.



Maintaining your dirt bike so that it remains in excellent condition is something we highly recommend. Before every trip, you should physically examine the bike before taking it out. Test the lights and brakes and check the air pressure on the tires. That way, you’ll avoid some of the issues that occur when you’re riding distances alone or with others.


Protect Yourself and Others Every Time You Ride Your Dirt Bike

When you take good care of your dirt bike, you’re protecting others. You’re minimizing the risk of having an accident. You won’t worry about breaking down in an area with few people to assist you, either. You’ll have a smooth and exciting riding experience that fuels your passion for riding once again.


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