How To Be A Motorcycle Passenger

February 7th, 2022 by Adam Luehrs

Do you want to know what it takes to be a good motorcycle passenger? If you do, you’re in luck. This post explains everything you need to know to be a safe passenger while still having fun riding on a motorcycle. Pay close attention to our tips for the ideal biking experience.

This short guide helps prepare you to be the most aware and safest motorcycle passenger you can possibly be today. It touches base on the gear you should own, the techniques you should follow while riding, and most importantly, the importance of having fun. The idea is to make the experience pleasant for you and the driver. That way, you’ll want to ride over and over again!

Invest in the Right Gear

What you wear makes a huge difference in how you experience being a passenger. The gear that you put on your body must protect it from harsh weather conditions, accidents, and injuries. A helmet that fits well is an essential piece of gear that you should never do without any time. Some people fear that it makes them look uncool to wear a helmet but realize just how essential it is after being involved in a near-miss collision on the road.



Learn How to Mount a Motorcycle Correctly

How you ride makes all the difference in how comfortable you are throughout the experience. You’ll want to learn what it takes to mount the motorcycle correctly. Keeping your feet up, so they don’t get caught in the parts of the motorcycle as it moves is essential. You can ask the driver to demonstrate the right way to mount the machine so that you have the best time riding possible.

Hold Onto the Driver Tight

The driver is who keeps you safe while riding as a passenger. Learning how to hold onto them safely is imperative. It ensures that you don’t lose your balance when hitting a bump in the road or whizzing down the highway.

Lean with the Bike

When the bike leans, you’ll want to do so, too. Take a cue from the driver. The more you lean, the less likely you will wipe out on the roadway. It helps you be more aerodynamic as you turn left or right.

When the driver turns left, you’ll need to lean left to help the bike travel in that direction. If the driver wants to make a right turn, follow their lead and lean right to make the bike lean right. A simple test ride in an empty parking lot before heading out for a trip makes navigating turns with the driver much easier. You’ll appreciate having a chance to practice before being asked to assist while riding.



Enjoy the Experience

The more you ride as a passenger, the easier the experience gets for you. You’ll enjoy it more with each trip you take on the open road. You’ll feel well prepared for the experience by owning the right gear and practicing good passenger protocol. You’ll limit the likelihood of making a rookie mistake and getting injured while riding.

Exercise Caution and Ride Like the Wind

Being a good passenger on a motorcycle takes more than climbing on a bike and putting on a helmet. It involves extreme caution as you learn what type of gear best protects you, how to mount the bike correctly, how to hold onto the driver, and other important pieces of knowledge, including the necessity of leaning with the bike. When you get outdoors and ride the open road, you’ll want to be able to do so often without safety concerns. There’s nothing we want more for you than that, too!

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