Motorcycle Hammock-Camping: The Best Midlife Crisis We Could Think Of

December 13th, 2021 by Danell Lynn

I came across a beautiful couple of empty-nesters with a pair of motorcycles and fell in love with their story and passion for travel, and more so their passion for camping in the trees via hammocks! “Hammocks take up less space than tents…no poles.

They have a wonderful site where they chronicle their adventures and shenanigans while on the road around North America, and with luck, the world.



“Travelling by motorcycle is all about pushing your boundaries, your comfort levels. You learn a lot about yourself when it comes to the physical excesses you are willing to expose yourself to alongside the uncertainty around your skills. Skills are improved through practice and doing, physical prowess is improved through good diet and exercise (which I’m guilty of ignoring). But there are other boundaries to push that are less obvious and, to some, not even boundaries at all.” I love that they brave deeper conversations and address areas of group travel or team travel, and really how all boundaries are not the same, it depends greatly on the person and preference of the adventurer!



They think through and carry you along their journey through equipment reviews, packing lists, location and so much more. “Getting ready to go camping is very important for the comfort of the actual trip.  If you’re planning to hang hammocks instead of planting a tent, and you need the whole shebang to fit onto one or two motorcycles, it’s even more important!  Knowing what you’re likely to need (based on where you’re going, time of year, who you’re going with, etc) will help figure out what to take.  Knowing what you’ve already got, what you need to get, and where all of it is essential.  It all starts with lists for your gear and an idea of where it all goes.”



They talk about what they have used and the ideas for what might be great additions to your tank bag, kit and so much more. “Each trip gives you an opportunity to figure out what you need and how you are going to access it. Some things will go by the wayside and not be used again.” They are right on point that the lists and items seem to streamline the more you go and the more experience you garner. I enjoy that they break out their lists in terms of bike kit and personal, this is a pretty logical way to make your way through the packing, and that resonated with this list maker. “I’m not one for packaging. For me, less is more…I appreciate simple, well thought out packaging that has the potential to be reused rather than simply thrown away.”



They are out there adventuring through the pandemic and seeing the world on two wheels. They discuss the strangeness of the times. “Strange times. When we finished up last riding season no one could have predicted that the world would be in the clutches of a pandemic. But here we are in the middle of a new riding season with a new set of social norms. Now we meet up at our usual spots and physically distance. Some of us wear masks. All of us have noticed the somewhat reduced traffic. And for those of us going on Forest Service Roads (FSR) we have seen a LOT of other motorcyclists (and ATV riders). It has been an interesting summer so far.”



They have a great sense of passion for the open road and the calmness that comes from camping. It is a fun blog to read through and see how different adventures breed different emotions, and ideas depending on the rider. They may be out there during perfect weather or hit and miss like the journey on the West Coast of Canada in autumn, but this does not deter, they are adventurous souls and come alive out in the wild world of two wheels and hammock camping.


So, find your trees, tie your ropes and enjoy the peace of hammock life. See you out there on the road.


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Written by Danell Lynn, Guinness World Record Motorcyclist. Photo Copyrights:

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