Motorcycles: The Ultimate Social Distancing Machine

March 24th, 2020 by Stephanie Weaver

how to isolate covid-19

The coronavirus is impossible to ignore. The back and forth of how it should be handled changes every day, but the overall consensus of limiting your interaction with others and eliminating ones public venture is something everyone seems to agree upon.   There is no denying that we are living in a period of prolific change.


With social gatherings entirely off limits and the population advised to stay six feet clear of one another, one of the few silver linings during this cloud of uncertainty may be sitting right inside of your garage.

Here, we’ll discuss the perks of riding a motorcycle during the COVID-19 pandemic, and why you should be making the most of this time on two wheels.


covid air transmission

A Global Upheaval

The coronavirus is spreading globally. More cases of infection are being reported every day, but experts have reported that COVID-19 isn’t airborne!


In fact, it spreads through droplets released into the air from coughing or sneezing. As a result, millions of people are seeking to maintain an adequate distance between one another.


This means less jam-packed buses and trains and more folks opting for solo methods of transportation.

motorcycle commute

Social Distancing On Two Wheels

In order to maintain your distance, choose to ride your motorcycle to essential places like work (if you cannot telecommute from home), the pharmacy, and the grocery store. If you have bags of food, simply strap ‘em to your sissy.


The added benefit of wearing a full-faced helmet is that it’s basically an impenetrable face mask from airborne toxins. However, we recommend you wearing a regular bandana or face mask into the store to avoid stares.


Physical Exercise

Now that gyms are closed and parks are packed, how does a person go about getting exercise daily? Riding a motorcycle ! As a constant resistance exercise, riding a motorbike steadily burns calories. In fact, riders can reportedly burn up to 600 calories per hour onboard their bike.


Additionally, motorcycling has been shown to boost core and neck strength. All of the actions incorporated with handling a bike, such as steering, and moving it during slower speeds, serve to tighten your abs. The added weight of your helmet can also help to improve your neck strength.


build a motorcycle

Isolate in the Garage

Do you have an old project bike sitting inside of your garage collecting dust? Now is an opportune time to get to working on it. Motorcycle maintenance is not only a great way to fill up those empty hours, but is extremely meditative .


The repetitive motions of turning a wrench may seem like a bore at first, but once you get into the groove of things, you can let your mind travel to more peaceful times.


motorcycle HOV lane

A Good Emergency Vehicle

Now, we’re not saying this pandemic is going to reach a point where people develop mob mentalities and begin looting…but you never know! Just kidding…. kind of.


If you live in an urban environment, driving a motorcycle is a great way to commute all year round. While car after car after car is piled up behind one another, we all envy the motorcyclists in the car-pool lane.


On-top of car-pool access, many states have now made it legal for motorcyclists to lane split.


A Positive Mental Outlook

In this weird and wacky time we live in, things can get tough. Keeping a positive mental attitude can seem daunting. However, if you take your motorcycle out for a spin, you can get those endorphins flowing that have been proven to drastically improve your mood.


Whether we like it or not, COVID-19 is here to stay until we can create a vaccine. In order to get around town for the essentials, escape off into nature, and pass the hours and days of hunkering down at home, I highly suggest you dust off your old bike and rediscover the joys of riding it again!

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