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November 3rd, 2016 by Danell Lynn

I met Stephanie Yue for the first time after over 1 5 hours of flight. We were assigned as roommates for a Pakistan adventure ride . Neither of us had met, but we were both long-distance solo riders, so the project lead paired us as roomies!

I was more nervous about riding with 12 women and who my roommate might be than I was to ride Pakistan …but it worked out, and what an amazing soul and rider she would be!

It had been less than four months from her crash on the Dalton Hwy in Alaska, but with scars healing she triumphed over rocks, broken pavement and into terrain she was not familiar with – but conquered.

It was wonderful to watch her challenge herself and take on the journey, and when I returned home, I threw myself into the reading of her journey back home that she had told me of on one of our many late-night chats.

Known through her blog , motorcyclist, and scooter superhero – Stephanie Yue has traveled through North America and Mexico capturing it all on her blog and with charming illustrations that she creates!

As a freelance illustrator of children’s books, she has found a way to her work on the road.

Putting her belongings into storage with the notion of not knowing when she might show back up to check it all out again. As with many riders of long distance / constant travel , it starts with a broad sense of freedom and desire… the desire for more than the end of the short road trip:

“When I found riding, I found something that resonated deeply with me. The freedom and independence of extended and long-distance travel was especially engaging. The only thing I really didn’t like was the return trip. It always seemed like an unfortunate inevitability, like being gassy after eating edamame (is that just me?). Then it crossed my mind, what if I just don’t come back?”

She has put more miles on this little engine than most put on a larger displacement motorcycle that isbuilt for adventure.

“The GTS 250 is powerful enough that I can keep up on the highway but small enough to throw around.”

With the will to just ride, to see the world, to breath in experience as if it is your 9 to 5…Stephanie inspires all her know her to live more fully, to go out and chase that dream!

So far the US States Scooted — 49 US states, a bit of Canada, and Baja, Mexico

Miles Traveled:

Total: 66,677 miles (5.26.17)
Starting mileage: 11,225

Written by Danell Lynn, Guinness World Record Rider– , @danelllynn
Photography credits Stephanie Yue,

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