Rhythm as a Family

November 4th, 2021 by Danell Lynn

We all come to riding in our own way, sometimes it is passed down and sometimes organically, but when it full-circles back and you are able to take on trips and ride as a family, it takes on an entirely new meaning.

I always knew as a child my dad “used” to ride, and that an accident had him sell his bikes…until many years later when as an adult, I began to ride with my dad again. It is a great joy to ride alongside my mom and dad, each on our respective rides. We have had many adventures together on and off the bike, from mountains to backroads, twisties to gravel travel. We have always been a family that loves to travel, and when you open the world without doors or windows…well it changes perspective in many ways.



The years tend to fly by and all of a sudden you are reminiscing a memory that feels like yesterday…but in fact was 7 years ago. As age catches up to us and our bodies may go in a direction that changes the way we are able to ride. I cherish those rides even more. We have ridden through many states together and shared stories of our rides that took us to new lands and gave us new challenges and new roads. The great thing with riding is, you can always get better, you can always learn something new, or challenge yourself to a different style/type of bike.



We have ridden in hot weather, where a gas station is not just for fuel but a reprieve from the heat. We have ridden in cold weather, where heated gear made it bearable. We have ridden under sunny skies and come upon heavy rainfall. But we have ridden.

There is something about the open road that just exemplifies travel in a way that no other does. As they say, “the wind through your hair.” Not much through the helmet, but love the open-air surrounding me as I fly. There is a freedom to riding, whether you are in a group or just some solo-helmet time, the open road is the path you create, and the most boring flat road can still be filled with exhilaration and joy as you shift and roll through the changing landscapes.



As you take on the open road, it is important to know your riding style and needs when riding with others. From things like water packs or water bottle preferences, when to stop to put on/prep rain gear, or speeds and comfort. Communication is a key aspect of many relationships in life, and it is nonetheless important when you are talking buddies or groups. Understanding your riding buddy is kind of like a great dive buddy, which my father and I also do together, I think it was our years of diving and communication without words that translated beautifully into our riding styles together.

Riding with family (whether blood or those you deem family through the heart) is a support, and you can challenge each other to push into your personal greatness. Pictured here is us riding across Royal Gorge in Colorado, and my father has been terrified of heights my entire life, but he rode across that bridge with shaking legs, and the joy of accomplishment was shared by all. These moments make up the greatness in journeys.



Most importantly travel, see the world on two-wheels, three-wheels, or four…just see the world. Explore your boundaries and expand your mind. See you out there on the road, and heck as the world opens back up, maybe I will see some of you riding in Japan! Stay tuned for the next blog – buying your new bike, international style, and the adventure of new rides!

Travel not just to travel, travel as an inspiration for living. -Danell Lynn

Written by Danell Lynn, www.danelllynn.com Guinness World Record Motorcyclist. Photo Copyrights: Danell Lynn.

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