Understanding your Limits and Needs – Then break them

March 28th, 2018 by Danell Lynn

Understanding your Limits and Needs – Then break them

An Adventure Motorcycling perspective in journal form

By Danell Lynn

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This blog comes more as a response to different questions I have received over the years in my adventure motorcycle exploration. It is the way I perceive this journey called life.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be in the Guinness World Record books and the first solo-female in the world to break the record for the longest journey in a single country, I would have said, um…okay. Or that I would be riding through the northern mountains of Pakistan and the single track of Cambodia. I cannot say for certain, but I am pretty sure I may have thought the palm reader was full of it! But that is the beauty in life, isn’t it? You can go from creating gowns for Miss America to wiping the red dirt of Cambodia and bugs off your face just a few years later!

But now as I look back over the last five years. The adventures that two wheels have taken me on, how motorcycling now directs my life and where those wheels will take me! This is the motivation for this piece because I could have easily said, “you have never taken a long journey…it is too dangerous…you are not great at dirt riding.” It would have been easy to limit myself and my experiences; it would have been easy to stay put. (Sort of, my heart is made for adventure and travel, so staying put is sometimes my hardest accomplishment).

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There are true limits in life that may hinder us, but then there are fears that we tell ourselves are limits, and we let those fears dictate our lives. I hope that you can look at fear, look at those self-perceived limits and walk up to them and punch them in the face…yes I said it, punch them in the face. Do not let your fears limit you.  You may say, I am too old, or I am too young…you will still be the same age next year…will you be one year older with a great adventure under your belt or will you be one year older wishing you jumped in, fear and all.

Riding gives you a lot of perspective on life, a lot of opportunities to open up to the world! It is a great teacher and is one of the best challenges that can be explored in many ways. For example, I was on a year-long journey through the US when I got the opportunity to be a part of a dirt biking documentary in Cambodia…a group ride on dirt! This was a first for me on many levels, but it was exciting, and riding with such talented dirt riders taught me a lot about how to improve my skills and become a better rider. I also had a couple of strong team members that impacted my life and my journey into team/group rides.

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It was in Cambodia that I did my deepest river crossing, and found out that even when stuck in waist-deep water, with the team’s cheers and support we got the bike started again and I was out of the water and into the mud! It was glorious, and fear got the knuckles to the face.

Motorcycling as with many varieties of adventure in life provides you a different view of the world. And sometimes taking the ownership to embrace fear means saying goodbye and stepping out there into the unknown! What excitement does the “unknowing” hold… so take that road less traveled, find your wild heart and let it out!


Take out all the confusing mindless questions you are asking yourself and grab life by the handlebars – see you out there!

Written  by  Danell  Lynn,  Guinness  World  Record  Rider  – www.danelllynn.com ,  @danelllynn   Photography  copyrights  &  Images:  Danell Lynn

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