What is Adventure?

March 29th, 2021 by Danell Lynn

What is Adventure? I took this question to the web and asked some of my fellow adventurers to talk about what adventure means to them. What came from it, is a PSA-style video of inspiration and jam-packed with a grand desire to see the world.  Enjoy this short film with global reach from the UK, Pakistan, Kenya, United States, and Canada.

The adventurers featured in this film: Tiffany Coates, Moin Khan, Sam Manicom, Stephanie Yue, Jay Shapiro, and Austin Vince. I hope this video brings you great joy and inspiration to go out and see the world and challenge yourself. Meet our adventurers below with bios and links below in order of appearance:

Sam Manicom set off to ride a motorcycle the length of Africa as a complete novice. He made it home 8 years later having explored 6 continents. He’s the author of 4 motorcycle travel books which are available as paperbacks, on Kindle, and as Audiobooks. Sam spends much of his time conducting travel presentations at clubs, motorcycle shows, and events. He is an enthusiastic motorcycle traveler. And a co-host on the monthly Adventure Rider Radio RAW.


Twitter: @SamManicom

IG/FB: sammanicom.author


Stephanie Yue is a scooter expeditionist, martial artist, illustrator, and blogger. In 2014, she gave up her home to take her Vespa on an epic ride through 49 U.S. states, 7 Canadian provinces, and Baja, Mexico, before eventually flying her Vespa to Europe to continue riding. When she’s not on her Vespa she’s exploring the world on her other motorcycles, flying and riding local bikes, climbing, rolling, eating, drinking, and making friends along the way.”



IG: @250superhero

Twitter: @quezzie


Jay Shapiro (he/him – Land Cruiser/GS) – Serial entrepreneur, Global Philanthropist, Angel Investor, Adventurer, Burner, and all-around nice guy. Jay and his family live in Nairobi, Kenya where he is building a social impact gaming movement across Africa. When he’s not starting new ventures, you’ll find him camping in the Maasai Mara, or climbing Mount Kenya. Be sure to stop by and say hi if you’re Overlanding through East Africa.

WORK – www.Usiku.Games

TRAVEL – http://www.ontheroadlesstraveled.com/

VOLUNTEER – www.DoGoodAsYouGo.org (http://www.dogoodasyougo.org/home/ind…​)


Moin Khan, a biker, traveler, and adventurer works on the agenda of changing the negative impact of Pakistan created through media, all over the world. He is an entrepreneur of dynamic mind who invites foreigners from all over the world to visit Pakistan and see the different side of Pakistan, the positive side; the mix of his passion with a mission resulted in the outcome of #ADifferentAgenda​. He initially started his journey on a motorbike from San Francisco to Lahore. Moin Khan believes that traveling is not a means to brag about being in this place or that place. Traveling is to challenge yourself to things outside of your comfort zones, do things you’d never think to do and think in ways you never thought to think.


Social media: ADifferentAgenda


Tiffany Coates is the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer having traveled over 300,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times. She discovered motorbike travel by accident with her very first ride being a trip to India when she set off two-up on a BMW R80GS, alongside her best friend and with just two months riding experience between them. Since then she’s ridden just about everywhere including Timbuctoo, Outer Mongolia, Madagascar, and all the way to Everest Base Camp from the UK. Remote riding adventures are her passion and each year she heads off on new adventures, this passion for motorbike travel is one that Tiffany now also shares with others in her role as one of the industry’s leading freelance motorcycle guides.



Austin Vince is the curator, with his wife Lois Pryce, of the Adventure Travel Film Festival.  They champion DIY no-budget humanist and internationalist movies.



YouTube and Blog written and created by Danell Lynn, www.danelllynn.com Guinness World Record Motorcyclist.

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