Winter Wonderland

April 2nd, 2020 by Danell Lynn

“…we were unsure of our location, we simply backtracked which led to a misadventure.”

When an adventurous motorcycling couple accepts the neighborly challenge of snowmobiling Yellowstone it quickly became a glorious journey and a challenge of will and emotion. Jim and Kristina, multi-decade motorcycle riders with long-distance journeys under their belts, took on a new challenge, one that included below freezing temperatures and heated grips on 600cc snowmobiles!

snowmobile in yellowstone

I really liked hearing of their day out riding alone, no tour guide, just taking on the nation’s wildest National Park and embracing nature in its full density.


“One thing we did not truly understand was the scale of the maps. What looked like a simple loop around the town on a groomed trail, was the 25-mile Madison Arm Loop.”


The first take-off was invigorating as they felt the speed, the smooth slide over the snow, the open wilderness, and…wait they were missing someone! As they looked around for their neighbor, he was spotted with his machine buried in the deep powder.


“After much digging and pulling, we were able to turn the machine around and go back to firmer ground” Their phones were out of service and the camera’s “too cold” sensor did not allow for any of this part of the adventure to be caught on camera.


yellowstone on snowmobiles

The next day they joined a larger group for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone tour.


They rode in a retro Bombardier snow coach (one of the few remaining), saw Diamond Dust (where the moisture in the air freezes), and frozen waterfalls. It was not just the landscape that took their breath away, they were able to see a variety of animals through the park as well. From bald eagles to swans, from bison to coyotes, from otters to even a fat grouse.


“Although we had ridden a motorcycle through Yellowstone several years ago, doing it in the winter, on a snowmobile opened up a whole new beauty without the crowds.”


As with anything in life, it is about the result, the progress, and the confidence you gain from your journey. There are many options out there to live your life wide open and unboxed! Jim and Kris’ adventure through one of my favorite national parks has inspired my desire to hop on the tracks of snowmobiling!


Lasting impressions were felt by all, and although they could later laugh about the hole their neighbor “literally” had to dig out of, the trip overall was described as… phenomenal-not being a strong enough word. “It wasn’t the elevation that took our breath away, it was the scenery. Riding through trees heavy with snow and over moguls that kept you busy…we raced each other up hills and were surprised to find the machines capable of better than 65 mph.”


So, whether you take on the chill or the sun-soaked days, head out and ride. See you out there on the roads…or the ice!


Take-aways from Jim

-Don’t let limited time stop you! We were limited by time and took a 5-day 4-night adventure.

-load the coordinates into GPS, even if you have experience map reading.

-the provided balaclava was thin; we were glad we brought our own.

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So whether you take on the chill or the sun-soaked days, head out and ride. See you out there on the roads…or the ice!



Written by Danell Lynn, Guinness World Record Rider –,

@danell_lynn Photo copyrights: James and Kristina Green

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